How it works


We send you emails with new attractive package deal suggestions to keep you up to date.



One of our professional representatives will be in touch at least two weeks before your package deal expires and we will renew it with the best package deal available.


Costumer Commitment:


Monthly cost is NIS 25 for 12 months provided we reduce your expenses by at least three times more than our service cost.

In the case of reducing your prices for more than NIS 100, monthly cost is 25%. 


You don’t save - you don’t pay!


Our company representative will contact you immediately after checking your personal telecommunications needs and current expenses with a view to reducing your expenses.


Our financial representatives check and compare the best offers of all the service providers including your current service providers assuming you provide us with your power of attorney to act on your behalf.


We will discuss in detail and finalize the entire package deal with you.



Our company’s representatives contact with you immediately after checking   your personal usage and your expenses nowadays in order to cut off your expenses.

Our financial representatives check and compare the best offers against all the companies including your companies that you’re subscribe nowadays (you should give us power attorney in order to do it ,on behalf of you).

We explain to you the entire package deals in full details.

Our specialist checks the best offer for you and you choose how to save your money from our one of the following package deals that we offer in order to cut your expenses off.

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