Frequently asked questions

For whom this service necessary?

The service is for anyone who wants to save money on Israeli telecommunications services.

How much can I save?

Your saving depends and is based on your personal requirements for these services. According to our database that we have your saving can be 30% or even more.

Do I have to switch to alternative service providers?

No. If you are pleased with your service and prefer to remain with them, we will negotiate the best available package deals to reduce your expenses.

In addition, we advise and provide you with full details of all the alternatives to reduce your expenses.

Your monthly cost to IPayless is NIS 25 for 12 months. If we fail to save you at least three times more than our service cost you will not be charged for the service.

How much does the service cost for me?

Immediately after presenting you with our savings program and acquiring your approval for the new package deal, we coordinate on your behalf the relevant package deal from the specific service providers in accordance with the terms agreed between us. Service provider representatives will then contact you and confirm with you the details of the new package deal and relevant costs.

How can I be sure that you actually reduce my expenses?

Immediately after showing you our saving program and your approval is given for your new package deal, we order on your behalf the relevant package deal from the specific provider in accordance with the same terms agreed upon. Provider representatives will contact you and confirm the details of the terms agreed of the package deal and the relevant costs.

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